If You Have Lupus You Are More Prone To Also Having Some Other Forms Of Arthritis As Well

There are so many different types of painful arthritis that millions of people are suffering from every single day of their lives and it is important to find out all that you can about this, so that you can begin some sort of pain management, to help relieve you somewhat from the pains that occur with this sometimes debilitating disease. If you are suffering from the auto immune disease lupus, then you should also be aware that you are much more prone to getting some other forms of painful arthritis as well. Lupus normally affects women between the ages of 14 years and 45 years of age and most of the time it can cause you an enormous amount of pain throughout your joints, sometimes even causing you to run a low grade fever, along with swelling of the joints at times. Lupus affects many people and although there is no cure for this disease, there are other treatment options that are available to you, to help in relieving you from some of the aches and pains that can put a great deal of stress on your day to day activities.

When you are diagnosed with lupus you can almost bet that you will also end up with other forms of arthritis that will also cause you even more pain, swelling and sometimes depression. It can affect very young people so determining whether or not you have this early on, will help in fighting some of the problems that could sometimes turn into life threatening illnesses caused by some severe cases of lupus. Early detection is always much better than not because it will allow the doctors to get in there and find out the core of the problem so that they can set you up for proper treatment options, depending on the severity of your illness. There are medications that can be prescribed to you that can help with the pain and inflammation, along with slowing down the progression of the illness. In very severe cases of lupus a person could actually end up suffering from kidney failure if not properly treated in enough time. It is very important for everybody to get regular check ups with their family doctors so that if there ever is any sort of problem such as this, it can be treated in a timely manner.

With lupus, not only will you likely end up with some other forms of arthritis, you could also end up with some severe skin conditions that can be very bothersome. Being diagnosed with this early on enough will help to prevent some of the problems that do occur with people that may not know that they have this type of illness. There are plenty of treatments and it is so important for you to talk with your family doctor if you have any type of questions or concerns about lupus or other forms of arthritis because the sooner they catch these types of things, the faster you can get some type of pain relief and begin different treatments that can be very helpful for you during a time such as this.